Will My Items Be Safe?

At Storage Bank NM in Albuquerque, we take safety and security seriously. All of our units are indoors. We have resident managers, and closed circuit cameras as well. In addition, we are proud to offer computer controlled access, along with alarm monitoring.


What Size Storage Unit Should I Get?

At Storage Bank in Albuquerque, we offer 16 different sizes of units, from which you can select. From small lockers, to units which will hold the contents of a five-bedroom house, we have a unit that will be the perfect size for your needs. We are happy to provide our recommendation for sizing based upon what you plan to store, and we are also happy to let you view different sized units before making a decision.


Will My Belongings Be Protected from the Weather in Albuquerque?

Yes! Every storage unit at Storage Bank NM is indoors. Furthermore, our entire facility is climate controlled, so you never have to worry about the scorching sun or rain damaging your items.


Will Anyone Else Be Able to Access My Storage Unit in Albuquerque?

No. You will store your items and lock your unit. Unless you provide anyone else with a key and your access code, no one will be able to access your storage unit at Storage Bank NM.


Do You Have Dollies or Carts Available to Me to Use?

Yes. Storage Bank NM has plenty of have dollies and carts which are free to use.


Do You Require a Minimum Rental Term?

No. At Storage Bank NM in Albuquerque, you do not need to rent your unit for a predetermined length of time. From one month to years, you can rent your storage unit for as long as you want or need. No leases required!


Do I Need Insurance for My Storage Unit in Albuquerque?

We highly recommend insurance. Your homeowner's insurance may cover some of your items even though they are stored offsite in a storage unit, but we strongly recommend that you confirm your policy with your insurance agent.


How Much Is the Deposit on A Storage Unit?

At Storage Bank in Albuquerque our deposits are never more than $20.


How Much Is the Rent for a Storage Unit in Albuquerque?

Storage Bank NM is proud to offer the best rates on personal or self-storage units in Albuquerque. Our lockers begin as low as $30/month. Our largest storage units are $250/month (and can hold belongings from a five-bedroom house!).